Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Type 4GVGH DP/N 1P6KD Laptop Battery

Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Type 4GVGH DP/N 1P6KD Laptop Battery

Product code: 4GVGH
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6 Cells 84Wh, Precision 5510, Dell XPS 15 9550
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Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Type 4GVGH DP/N 1P6KD Laptop Battery
Please note: If you are upgrading your current battery to this higher capacity version, please check you have sufficient space to accommodate the extra length. If you need the shorter battery please click on the following link -

Dell Precision 5510 84Wh Primary Battery Type 4GVGH Dp/n 1P6KD & Dell XPS 15 9550 Primary Battery Type 4GVGH DP/N 1P6KD

6 Cells 84Wh 11.4V

Supplied with 12 Months Warranty and free uk next day shipping.
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I have a Dell Xps 15 9550 with a swollen battery. The track pad is half a centimetre raised, can no longer use it. Reading forums, not all batteries are accepted by the laptop

We have the stock which Dell had manufactured to compensate customers who had this problem, unfortunately, they put a time limit on free redemption which has now long passed.

 I haven't heard about any compatibility issues with the OEM battery, the main reason these came back is that people buy this battery thinking they can upgrade the 56Wh version with this and then find out they don't have space with the 2.5" drive. We can offer you a 12 month warranty and we haven't had anyone report the bloating problem with these. Always use the XPS on a ventilated hard surface as heat build up is a killer of Lithium batteries generally and while you are fitting check the cooling fans and their exhausts are free of dust.
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from West Midlands, UK

Well packed and great customer service with rob. Thanks again.

Type 4GVGH
Wh 84
cells 6
Brand Dell
Condition New
Product Code 4GVGH
Weight 0.599kg