Frequently asked questions:

How do i know I'm buying a genuine Dell part?
Dell has a unique identifier on their products this will help you buy a genuine part. The first thing to look for is obvious, Is there a Dell logo?. I say this because you will find many so called Dell batteries that don't have a logo but have similar styling and design to a genuine Dell battery.
Next look for the official Dell Part Number (DP/N). This is actually a full unique serial number and is always on Dell batteries, chargers, docks and many other products. On a battery, it's found on a white label next to a small QR code square as shown below. This should also show a manufacture date. If you still have any uncertainty once you have brought a battery or you have brought a battery that you thank could be a fake or replica, you can ask Dell to check for authenticity.  
Dell DP/N

Can you send parcels plain label drop ship?

Yes we can. During the checkout on the "Order Summery" page there is now an option to ship the item plain label and without any paperwork. as shown in the picture below.

When will I receive my item? 
If you place the order before 4pm Monday to Friday, you will receive the item next working day shipped via DPD, UPS or Royal Mail. Orders placed at the weekend or bank holiday will be shipped the following week day.

Is there a pre 12 next day shipping option?
Yes, at the order check out there is an option for pre 12 DPD delivery but its only for UK mainland customers, unfortunately certain hard to reach postcodes are also excluded. 

I'm not sure if I need a new battery or mains lead. When I plug my charger in, the blue light goes out, please help?

If you unplug the charger from the laptop and wall socket, wait one minute, then plug it back into the wall BUT NOT the laptop does the light remain steady with no flickering even when you wiggle the tip. If this is true, the problem may be the socket on the laptop.
Now connect to the laptop, is there any change in the light, does it go off, dim or flicker. If this is true the problem is the socket, motherboard or battery. It is important you follow the steps in the order I have outlined, otherwise, the adapter can go into a safety mode which will skew the results.

Please check our blog for more information. 

I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 with a swollen battery. The track pad is half a centimetre raised, I can no longer use it, on reading forums; not all batteries are accepted by the laptop.

We have the stock which Dell had manufactured to compensate customers who had this problem, unfortunately, they put a time limit on free redemption which has now long passed.

Battery link:

 I haven't heard about any compatibility issues with the OEM battery, the main reason these came back is that people buy this battery thinking they can upgrade the 56Wh version with this and then find out they don't have space with the 2.5" drive. We offer  a 12 month warranty and we haven't had anyone report the bloating problem with this stock But we,always advise customers to use their XPS on a ventilated hard surface as heat build up is a killer of Lithium batteries generally and while you are fitting check the cooling fans and their exhausts are free of dust.

My laptop is giving a warning saying this is not a compatible product but I thought I was purchasing a genuine Dell charger?

Firstly these adapters are bought directly from Dell, so it is definitely a genuine Dell part. However, the laptop will give this message(amongst others) if there is any error in the charging circuit. This can be anywhere from the charger right through to the battery connector. The reason for this is that the laptop has to be very sure the charger is compatible with the laptop especially because a lithium battery is involved which has to receive exactly the correct power profile. Can I ask which model laptop you have and preferably the service tag which you will find on the base of the laptop, this is so I can check with Dell that we have sent you the correct product as even within the same model range some laptops require a larger wattage especially if it is fitted with an upgraded graphic chip. Alternatively, you can email or call us with the first 8 digits of the barcode on the white label which should be on your old charger if you still have it, if you don't have the service tag from the base of the laptop will do the same job to help us identify the correct model.

I just tried the battery I brought yesterday.
1. When I connect the charger, the laptop led keeps blinking orange. When I looked this up, it said this means a power failure
2. When I start the OS, it says no battery detected. If I open the laptop without a battery, it would say no battery detected but wouldn't be blinking orange. Any clue what I can try to resolve this?

We have so many batteries returned for similar reasons which have no fault when tested, so we are always inclined to say the problem lies elsewhere. Firstly what was the problem with your old battery? Did the battery life slowly depreciate over time or did it suddenly stop working? Have you tried a different AC adapter as they can have a communication fault which allows power to the laptop but stops the battery charging. Have you updated the bios as the battery can be a newer revision than the laptop recognises. Is there any play in the socket where the adapter jack plugs in as a loose connection here can cause all sorts of problems. One thing to try and clear power issues; -  remove the battery and the charger (unplug from the mains too). Hold the power switch down for 50-60 seconds, then wait a further 30 seconds, then reattach the battery, plug the charger back into the mains and attach the jack to the laptop. If this doesn't work there is a lot of help online for power problems and you might find our blog helpful.

If this don't resolve the problem. We are happy to send you a replacement battery and send you a free returns label.

How long should a Dell battery last? 

Good question, Dell state that a battery should only last for 18 months but I think they base this on heavy use and bad battery cycling. I've seen well looked after lithium-ion batteries last more than 4 years with no more than 30% deprecation but it depends on the battery cell type, usage environment and how often its used and how the battery is cycled.
- The correct way to cycle a lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery is to not let it drop below 20% when possible and to charge it fully, top up charging is always best.
- Heat is a killer of battery cells so its always best to keep the vents clear (e.g. do not use t the laptop on a bed or other soft surface which does not aid ventilation). and frequently check the laptops vents for dust build up and clear it with a fine brush. If you think the fan isn't working correctly of the laptop is getting too hot, I would recommend getting it serviced.
- You can also download a software to monitor the performance of your battery called  BatteryMon.   

If you have any questions, please call us on 01243 866053 or email us You can also fill in the form on our contact us page.