Dell Latitude Type MR90Y 6 Cell 65Wh Laptop Battery  451-12104

Dell Latitude Type MR90Y 6 Cell 65Wh Laptop Battery 451-12104

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12 Months warranty - Product code: MR90Y
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Inspiron (Various) and Latitude 3440 3540
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This is the 6 cell 65Wh high capacity version suitable for the following models:

Dell Type MR90Y

Dell Website part no: 451-12104

Suitable for: Inspiron, Latitude and Vostro models as detailed.

DELL Inspiron 14DELL Inspiron 14RDELL Inspiron 14-N3421
DELL Inspiron 14-3421 DELL Inspiron 14-5421 DELL Inspiron 14R-5421 
DELL Inspiron 14-N5421DELL Inspiron 14R-3421 DELL Inspiron 3421
DELL Inspiron 14R-N3421 DELL Inspiron 14R-N5421DELL Inspiron N5421
DELL Inspiron 5421 DELL Inspiron N3421 DELL Inspiron 15-N3521
DELL Inspiron 15 DELL Inspiron 15R DELL Inspiron 15R-5521
DELL Inspiron 15-3521DELL Inspiron 15-5521 DELL Inspiron 3521 
DELL Inspiron 15-N5521 DELL Inspiron 15R-3521 DELL Inspiron N5521
DELL Inspiron 15R-N3521 DELL Inspiron 15R-N5521DELL Inspiron 17-N3721
DELL Inspiron 5521DELL Inspiron N3521 DELL Inspiron 17R-5721
DELL Inspiron 17 DELL Inspiron 17RDELL Inspiron 3721 
DELL Inspiron 17-3721 DELL Inspiron 17-5721DELL Inspiron N5721
DELL Inspiron 17-N5721 DELL Inspiron 17R-3721 
DELL Inspiron 17R-N3721DELL Inspiron 17R-N5721
DELL Inspiron 5721 DELL Inspiron N3721DELL Latitude 3440
DELL Vostro 2421 DELL Vostro 2521 DELL Latitude 3450

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Brand DELL
Code MR90Y
Condition New
Weight 399kg
Type MR90Y
Dell Kit 451-12104
cells 6
Wh 65