Dell Chargers / AC's

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All genuine Dell laptop batteries and chargers have an internal chip that communicates with the laptop to detect many different factors, the amount of charge held by the battery, the wattage of the charger and if there is a fault with the device. This can cause an error message to be displayed.

For example, “Plugged in but not charging”, “your AC adapter cannot be determined” or “Consider replacing your battery”.  
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We guarantee all our products for 12 months.
It is also worth noting that if your laptop is still under warranty, that nearly all  warranties are voided if anything other than the manufacturers own batteries are inserted.
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 There are a great many "So called original Dell chargers and AC'sbeing sold on the Internet which are not as they seem.
We would challenge anyone to dispute this with any of our products.
If you are unsure on what charger you need for your laptop, visit the contact us page and give us a call of fill out the form and we will get back to you. 
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